Savinien and Phillip cofounded Informal last July of 2019 with the mission to make our shopping experiences more delightful, meaningful and connected to the communities shaping the world.

Last year, we launched highly acclaimed retail shops in multiple Four Seasons hotels and at the Mondrian hotel, in inspiring communities spaces such as Celsious and A/D/O in Brooklyn, and at AQUA, an innovative fitness center in downtown Manhattan. At the start of the lock-down in Spring of 2020 all of these spaces shuttered.

This has obviously been a devastating time for so many of our friends and family. It has also been particularly devastating for the two industries Informal has placed itself at the intersection of — retail and hospitality. We have decided to permanently close our offline shops and wind down Informal.

We are so grateful for our wonderful community of makers, brands, local business managers and community drivers for engaging with us. Thank you.

Savinien and Phillip