Innovative offline retail designed for experimentation

We activate spaces with vibrant retail installations and stock them with a rotating selection of engaging brands.

Venues get turn-key innovative retail experiences in their lobbies, featuring a flow of compelling products and brands targeted to their audiences. Brands use our platform to easily expand offline to reach new customers, grow sales, and experiment with new markets.

Informal blends into and contributes to the vibrant fabric of cities, neighborhoods, communities and businesses, driving customer acquisition and brand visibility through an experimental, iterative, and informal approach to merchandising.

Retail today is disconnected

Whether online or offline, products are having difficulty standing out in traditional retail contexts as conventional shopping experiences are becoming predictable and devoid of new meaning.

Shopping is a foundational activity

We believe shopping is a rich social, cultural and foundational activity which shapes communities of shared values, interests and lifestyles. Most retail today is too formal to reflect these important dynamics.

More experimentation is needed

Retail should be more playful and spontaneous in matching products to spaces to generate shopping experiences which are more dynamic, diverse, serendipitous — informal.


Easily activate your space with a dynamic stream of curated brands.

Engage your customers by activating your space with compelling retail installations featuring a rotation of great brands. Informal does all of the leg work. Increase your revenue without the risk of unsold inventory and carrying costs. Get valuable metrics and insights about your customers, and discover brands they love.

Activate your space at no cost

Approve brands from our monthly suggestions and we do everything else. We install our fixture, and take care of logistics. All the inventory is on consignment, so you can earn additional revenue without worrying about dead stock and carrying costs.

Retail as content

Bring a flow of engaging content to your space with exciting brand stories and products. You can set parameters and approve the brands featured in your space to make sure they align with your values.

Experiment with product categories

We make it easy to experiment with new brands and product categories informally without long term commitments or risk of diluting your brand image. Have fun and surprise your customers while connecting with new communities along the way.

Data and analytics

Learn what engages your customers. See analytics on foot traffic and sales that offer insights into products and categories that are successful in your space.


Expand offline to acquire new customers and grow sales in great locations.

Experiment with different markets, demographics and contexts with short-term offline retail installations. Our modular shelving units, placards and tablets help you tell your story and drive customer acquisition by leveraging existing foot-traffic which aligns with your brand values.

Get the most out of your budget

Informal installations cost a fraction of the price of a pop-up, and offer a unique set of features which allow you to test and experiment at scale with higher and more diverse foot-traffic.

Turn-key offline retail

Easily scale your presence in different communities with iterative installations which make sense for your brand in just a few clicks. Just ship us your products and we take care of the rest.

Get discovered offline

Complement your online marketing with offline installations that provide valuable co-marketing opportunities and encourage customers to discover your brand and interact with your products.

Data and analytics

In addition to sales reporting and payments, our platform delivers insightful analytics on physical foot traffic and online referrals so that you can measure the full impact of your installation.

How it works

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to start or expand your brick-and-mortar retail strategy. We handle all of the build-out, logistics, inventory, payments and analytics so you can focus on growing your business.

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